How to Make ChatGPT Write Like a Human for Enhanced Marketing Copy

A step-by-step guide on how to make ChatGPT write like a human when writing marketing copy using advanced techniques such as temperature control and in-context examples. An AI tool like ChatGPT provides businesses with a powerful AI solution for producing convincing marketing copy at scale in today’s digital environment. However, when producing persuasive and engaging materials, a nuanced approach must be taken to train ChatGPT to write like a human. Let’s understand this comprehensive guide by MarkeetingTools.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make ChatGPT Write Like A Human

How To Make ChatGPT Write Like A Human

Step 1: Define Your Objective Clearly

Your marketing goals must be clearly defined before you craft your prompt. Would you like to increase brand recognition and sales or unveil new products to existing or potential customers? ChatGPT’s marketing copy can help you achieve all these aims based on tone, style, and content that reflect your objectives.

Step 2: Craft Detailed, Specific Prompts

Your prompt significantly impacts how “human” the output feels. The following tips will help you improve your prompts:

  • Incorporate Brand Voice: Your brand’s voice should be reflected in key phrases or stylistic choices. Using a conversational tone in your prompts will make your brand seem playful and informal.
  • Target Audience: Your prompt should include details about your target audience. ChatGPT offers tailored copy based on each audience member’s demographics, preferences, and pain points.
  • Desired Action: When asking readers to purchase something, subscribe to your mailing list, or follow you on social media, clearly state their desired actions.

Step 3: Use In-Context Examples

It is important to provide examples in context when training ChatGPT. Including examples of the style, tone, and structure you need in your prompt will help you achieve this. An example would be:

“Write a short, engaging product description for a luxury skincare cream targeted at women aged 30-45 who value organic products. The tone should be sophisticated and reassuring. Example: Experience the touch of nature with Sisley Paris. Formulated with the finest organic ingredients, it rejuvenates your skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and radiant like nature intended.”

How To Make Chatgpt Write Like A Human

Step 4: Adjust the Temperature Setting

ChatGPT’s temperature setting controls the randomness of responses. The lower the temperature (e.g., 0.4 – 0.7), the better the text will be for marketing copy, where precision and relevance are vital. Test this setting to find the right balance for your brand’s voice and goals.

How to set ChatGPT Temperature

1- Visit the OpenAI official website

2- Login to your account if you have already. If you do have not an OpenAI account then Sign up or Create an account.

3- Next you will see two options after login one will be ChatGPT and the other one will be API. Let’s click on API.

How To Make Chatgpt Write Like A Human

4- After that click on “PlayGround” on the top of the left.

How To Make Chatgpt Write Like A Human

5- Now is the best time to set the temperature. Increase and decrease the temperature by pushing the point left/Right.

How To Make Chatgpt Write Like A Human

Step 5: Iterate Based on Feedback

Make sure the initial copy meets your expectations after generating it. Take note of:

  • Relevance: Is the content relevant to your marketing objectives and meets the user’s needs?
  • Engagement: Does the copy engage and persuade the reader to act?
  • Human Touch: Does the language flow naturally, and does it seem like it was written by someone?

Depending on these insights, refine your prompt and try again if the result isn’t satisfactory. This iterative process fine-tunes your prompts and the AI’s responses.

Step 6: Complement AI with Human Oversight

The ChatGPT can generate impressive first drafts of marketing copy. Still, it is essential that a human review and tweak the content. This step ensures a perfect understanding of human emotion and brand alignment.


Following these steps, businesses can use ChatGPT to create marketing copy that performs well and resonates deeply with their audiences. As long as the AI settings are carefully adjusted and examples are utilized strategically, ChatGPT can write like a human, capturing the essence of effective marketing communications.


1- What are the best practices for making ChatGPT’s responses sound more human?

Explore ways of fine-tuning language models so they more closely mirror human writing styles, with tips such as using specific prompts, altering tone settings, and including natural variations into language models.

2- How can I ensure ChatGPT generates accurate and factual content for marketing?

Discuss the importance of fact-checking and validating AI’s information before providing strategies for incorporating reliable sources when writing marketing copy.

3- Can ChatGPT create content that aligns with my brand’s voice and tone? 

Please provide strategies for training AI on Specific Brand Guidelines so as to maintain a consistent voice, tone, and style across generated content.

4- What are the ethical considerations when using ChatGPT for marketing purposes?

Care should be taken when using AI tools as part of marketing practices to ensure transparency, avoid misleading content creation, and adhere to ethical standards when employing them for this purpose.

5- How can I measure the effectiveness of marketing copy written by ChatGPT?

Suggest methods of A/B testing AI-generated content versus human written copy, monitoring performance metrics, and using feedback loops to enhance AI output quality continuously.


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