FullStory (Digital Experience)

FullStory: A Simple Guide for New Users

FullStory is a famous digital analytics tool that emerged to help businesses understand and improve their online user experiences. The FullStory platform captures and analyzes every user interaction. Sessions can be replayed to see how people interact with your site. Users can also view heatmaps that highlight what attracts the most attention by displaying where they click most frequently.
Furthermore, FullStory provides error tracking and analytics that allow you to pinpoint and address user issues quickly. This tool will benefit teams looking to streamline user experience and enhance site functionality. With this you can gain deeper insights into your digital environment and make informed decisions based on actual user data.

How FullStory Differs from Other Analytics Tools

With this, you can get a comprehensive visual understanding of user interactions, which sets it apart from other analytics tools. Combining features like heatmaps and session replay, it offers qualitative insights that Google Analytics does not. This way, you can see how users navigate your website, where they click, and where they struggle.

In FullStory, every user action is captured without pre-defining which events to track. Capturing all user interactions ensures you get all critical information.

With this, you can filter and analyze user sessions based on specific behaviours, errors, or demographics. Users can identify and solve issues that only affect a specific user or personalize their experience.

It provides a more user-centric view of data analytics, allowing businesses to understand and improve their websites and apps directly and visually.

Step-by-step Guide on Signing Up

Step-by-step Guide on Signing Up
  • Set up your account after confirming your email. Complete your profile by following the instructions.
  • Set up any recommended account security features.

Initial Setup Tips

  • Check out the FullStory dashboard.
  • If available, watch the introductory tutorial.

Integrating FullStory with Your Website

  1. Get the Tracking Code: It provides a tracking code once your account is set up.
  2. Insert the Code: Put this code before the closing /head> tag on every website page.
  3. Verify the Installation: Make sure FullStory is receiving data from your site. It might take a while.


Advanced Features of FullStory

Advanced features elevate FullStory’s utility beyond basic analytics, offering deep insights into user behaviour.

  • Session Replay: The feature records every user interaction, providing video-like playback. You can identify friction points and pain points.
  • Heatmaps: Find out which areas of your site users are clicking on, which areas are engaging, and which areas are ignored. Using this, you can place and design content.
  • Omni search: Query specific user actions, session details, or patterns across your data with FullStory’s powerful search functionality. Search for users who added items to carts but still need to check out.
  • Funnels: Track conversions at each step to see where users drop off. You can identify critical leaks in your sales funnel with this feature.
  • Error and Anomaly Detection: Detect and alert you to abnormal user behaviour and mistakes, enabling proactive issue resolution.

Navigating FullStory for the First Time

Discovering new insights about your website with this is exciting. Here’s a quick guide to help you use the platform:

Dashboard Overview

 The FullStory dashboard appears when you log in. You’re in charge here. User sessions and metrics such as page loads and engagement are summarized here with widgets and menus.

Menu Bar

You can navigate to different features using the menu bar on the left. Sections include:

  • Sessions: User sessions are replayed here.
  • Segments: Users can be categorized by specific behaviours in this area.
  • Funnels: Analyze conversion rates between different steps on your site.

Session Replay

Replay any session. Play, pause, fast forward, or rewind to see precisely what the user did. Clicks and form submissions can also be skipped.

Search and Filters

Search for specific sessions or apply filters to narrow them down based on criteria like user behavior, device type, or location.

Review of FullStory

With robust features like session replays, heatmaps, and advanced segmentation, It is an invaluable analytics tool. It provides a unique perspective that numerical data alone cannot provide. Even those new to analytics can navigate and interpret data using its intuitive user interface. At first, the wealth of data might seem overwhelming. Despite this, FullStory’s suite of tools transforms the user experience of a website and helps increase conversions.


It is a powerful tool for optimizing user interactions on their website. In addition to session replays, heatmaps, and detailed analytics, it provides valuable insights. Businesses can pinpoint issues, understand user behaviour, and improve their digital experiences with this. Whether you’re a marketer, UX designer, or product manager,It  empowers you to transform data into actionable strategies that drive better business outcomes.



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