Artguru: Unlock Your Art Creativity with a Free AI Tool

Artguru is a unique computer tool that helps people make art. There’s no cost; it uses artificial intelligence to automate jobs that usually require humans, like making art. No matter what level of artist you are, it  is for you. Its tools can be used to make all kinds of art.Think of Artguru isagic art box. You can draw, paint, or design anything you can imagine inside. What’s better? Simple to use. You can use Artguru to create cool pictures and designs if you don’t know how to do so.You can also meet other artists on it. You can show them your work, see their art, and get new ideas. Everyone shares and learns together in a big art club. It’s all about making art accessible for everyone. You can make something severe or play around. Share your art with the world with them. Let’s see how Artguru works and how you can create fantastic art.

What is Artguru Ai?

Anyone can create art using Artguru, a free tool. This app lets you paint, draw, and design anything you want. You can make better art with this artificial intelligence.You can make digital art or cartoons with Artguru, whether you like drawing cartoons or designing posters. Art classes are not required. With this tool, you can create right away. It’s also a place to meet other artists. Check out what others are making, share yours, and get feedback. With this you can make art, learn, and get inspired in a community. The Artguru app lets you explore art, learn something new, and have fun. Whatever your skill level, it’s perfect for exploring your artistic side.

How to used Artguru?

Your computer or smartphone becomes an art class with this. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit the Website: Visit in your browser. Your creativity begins here.
  2. Sign Up or Log In: You’ll need an account if this is your first time. Sign up by clicking the button. Sign in if you already have an account on the Artguru website.
  3. Used for Dashboard: If you used it the first time. It’s like your art studio where you can start creating. Look around and see what you can find.
  4. Choose What to Make: With this you can draw, paint, or design. If you want to create something and don’t like it, try something else.
  5. Start Creating: Choose a tool or option and start creating. Drawing, selecting colors, using brushes, and even getting suggestions from the AI are all possible.
  6. Save and Share: You can save your artwork to your computer or share it with friends.

Key Featuers of Artguru Ai

Building on the impressive capabilities of Artguru AI, there are additional features that further enhance its appeal to artists and creative enthusiasts:

Real-time Collaboration

Imagine working on a digital masterpiece with someone worldwide or next door. A real-time collaboration feature is planned for Artguru AI. Making art creation more social and interactive, this functionality encourages teamwork, learning, and sharing.

Custom Brushes and Tools

With this AI, users can create and modify their brushes and tools beyond the standard digital art tools. A more personalized art-making experience is possible thanks to this level of customization.

AI Art Critique

it will launch an AI art critique feature for those seeking feedback. The tool will provide constructive feedback on artwork, suggesting composition, color usage, and overall design improvements. You can refine your skills anytime with a personal art tutor.

Advanced Color Palette Generator

Color schemes can be tricky to choose. The Artguru AI color palette generator simplifies this process by suggesting harmonious color combinations based on the current project. Users can use this feature to select the ideal palette for their artwork.

Interactive Tutorials and Challenges

Artguru AI is developing various levels of interactive tutorials and challenges to foster learning and development. These educational resources enhance users ‘ artistic abilities, from basic drawing techniques to advanced digital art concepts.

AI-Powered Background Removal

Artists can incorporate subjects into new settings or compositions that are more accessible by isolating them from their backgrounds. Post-production editing is saved by the AI’s clean and precise removal.

Artguru Face Swap

Face-swapping with Artguru is like magic. It lets you swap faces in pictures, making it look like you’re in another body. AI, or artificial intelligence, powers this cool feature. A real-life swap happened when AI mixes and matches faces so well.Imagine you have a favorite superhero or character from a painting. See how you would look as that character with Artguru’s face swap. Your face is adjusted to fit perfectly with the other. So, the final photo looks seamless and accurate, including lighting, angled faces, and skin tones.
It’s easy to use. Computers and art aren’t required. The first step is to select the photo. Choose a face to swap with yours. Artguru’s AI naturally blends the faces. Your brand-new picture will look so real that you might do a double-take.However, Its face swap is for more than just fun. Creative works can be created using this tool. Play around and experiment with Photoshop without being an expert. Its face swap goes beyond just changing faces in photos. Imagine yourself in different times, as other people, or even in various art styles by opening up a new world of creativity and imagination. That’s not all? Anyone can create and share something unique with just a few clicks.

Artguru in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has changed forever with this. Your online content will grab people’s attention like you have a creative wizard by your side. With this you can create stunning Instagram images, Facebook banners, and Twitter headers.Think about promoting a new product or event or boosting your brand’s social media’s tools let you create professional visuals that fit your brand’s personality. It makes the process easy and fun, from choosing colors to adding cool effects.
What’s best? You can create unique and engaging content with Artguru’s AI-powered features. Give your team’s photo a fun twist by putting your product in a historical painting. Artguru can help. Make your social media feed stand out with creative content.Social media marketing with It engages your audience through fresh and exciting content. Visually appealing content related to your audience’s needs is more than just selling a product or service. It is worth checking out if you want to spice up your social media game.

Reviews Artguru

Anyone who loves to create but needs more skills or tools to do it traditionally can use Artguru. Creating something unique doesn’t require a tech whiz. You can transform ordinary photos into art or enhance your social media posts using features like face swapping and digital retouching. Unlimited creativity is encouraged by the vast art library. it helps you bring your ideas to life in a fun and easy way, whether you’re making art for fun or social media. Your creative potential can be unlocked without art supplies and software.

Artguru Pricing & Plans

As of my last update, It’s pricing and plans still need to be provided, suggesting it might change or depend on your desired features. A platform like Artguru usually offers a free version and a premium version that includes advanced features, such as higher resolution outputs, more extensive libraries, and additional AI tools. You may have to pay a monthly subscription fee for premium plans. If you want the most current pricing information or are interested in specific packages tailored to your business or personal needs, it’s best to visit it directly.


$ 10 Monthly
  • 120000 Credits
  • Skip Queue
  • HD to 3K+
  • Commercial License
  • Watermark-free
  • Ad-free


$ 39 Monthly
  • 120000 Credits
  • Skip Queue
  • HD to 3K+
  • Commercial License
  • Watermark-free
  • Ad-free
  • AI Headshots
  • AI Avatars


It is a revolutionary tool in digital creativity designed for novices and seasoned artists alike. Users can quickly unleash their creativity thanks to its user-friendly interface and AI capabilities. Users can explore, create, and share their art like never before with its face swaps and digital retouching. The Artguru app makes art accessible and fun for everyone, whether for personal enjoyment, social media marketing, or professional work.


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